Who We Are

About Us: The Whitening Gals

Our Vibrant Journey

Welcome to the heart of radiant smiles and confidence at The Whitening Gals! Our remarkable story began on March 10, 2015, amidst life's challenges. Driven by an unwavering passion for smiles, we embarked on a journey that would forever change lives.

From Humble Beginnings to Radiant Heights

Armed with a dream and a mere $500, we transformed our living room into a hub of possibilities. With resilience as our compass, we embraced mobile visits, spreading the gift of brighter smiles one doorstep at a time. Eight months of grit saw us elevate from our home to a dazzling storefront.

8 Years of Sparkling Success

For eight incredible years, our Bronx, NYC location has been the canvas of countless transformations. We've had the privilege of serving over 70,000 satisfied clients, each discovering the magic of radiant confidence through our renowned teeth whitening treatments.

Transforming Lives Virtually

Our impact isn't confined by borders. Our virtual training program has empowered over 10,000 individuals across 46 states and 7 countries. From ages 13 to 65, our comprehensive course shapes not only legal expertise but personal growth, sales prowess, and transformative mindsets in just 5 hours.

Spreading Radiance Across Industries

We're not just about smiles; we're about success stories. We supply the top teeth whitening product in the US, touching every beauty business that values the art of teeth whitening. Our legacy stands as a testament to the transformation that passion, grit, and love can bring.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Allow us to introduce ourselves—Alexandra Signorini, the creative spirit, and Sasha Castellano, the powerhouse. Together, we've transformed a friendship built on hustle into a business that changes lives. Sasha's structured leadership meets Allie's relational creativity, resulting in a partnership that's pure magic.

Our Promise: Love, Transformation, Brilliance

At The Whitening Gals, love fuels every transformation, every training, and every connection. We believe in changing lives, one radiant smile at a time. From our Bronx roots to global impact, we stand united by a passion for brilliance.

Join Our Radiant Family

We invite you to be part of our story—whether as a client, a trainee, or a collaborator. Together, we're writing chapters of confidence, success, and transformation. Thank you for being a part of The Whitening Gals journey.

Smiles, Success, and Radiance Await.