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Quadra Pro

Quadra Pro

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Introducing the QuadraPro Lamp – the ultimate tool to elevate your teeth whitening business to new levels of success. This lamp features four distinct light modes, each with its own remarkable action:

  1. Blue Mode: Swiftly accelerates gel application, ensuring efficient and effective treatments that leave your clients with brighter smiles in less time.

  2. Red Mode: Harnesses advanced red light technology to soothe and reduce gum inflammation for 10 minutes after treatment, guaranteeing a comfortable experience.

  3. Pink Mode: Infuses a revitalizing pink light, enhancing the overall atmosphere and ambiance of your treatment space, creating a soothing and pleasant environment for your clients.

  4. Purple Mode: Unveils an enchanting purple light setting that complements the teeth whitening process, providing an additional level of allure and aesthetic appeal to your treatments.

As the leading supplier and mentor in the teeth whitening industry, Whitening Pros proudly introduces the QuadraPro Lamp, equipping you to provide exceptional service and stand out in a competitive market. Embrace the future of teeth whitening and leave an indelible mark with the QuadraPro Lamp, ensuring your clients enjoy unparalleled results along with a unique and immersive treatment experience.

Power supply:AC 100-240V/50-60HZ

Lamp size:2 0x 6 0 mm

Power density:>6000 mW / cm2

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