PRO$ Tooth Gem Training ( E Book & Consent Forms Included )

PRO$ Tooth Gem Training ( E Book & Consent Forms Included )

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Our PRO$ training manual will teach you all the theory as taught in our official class setting. No practical included, but who needs one when The Gals are providing full color photos and step by steps for you to learn how to master your tooth gem craft? Can’t decide whether to invest in a higher priced course as you are not sure whether it is for you? Even more the reason why you should purchase our official PRO$ tooth gem manual to show you the ropes and ensure you know quality information to succeed in this next hustle you add to your teeth whitening hustle BELT. Our official pro manual is the ultimate investment for any PRO or even as a post training reference guide for those who have already completed a course and are ready to refresh, reset, and earn BIG.

E BOOK will be emailed in official protected format to email provided when purchasing. Please make sure your email is correct at final check out screen.

Interested in learning your next trade from the first ever company to make over a million dollars a year doing teeth whitening and tooth gems? We look forward to seeing your order.

We almost forgot the best part. 


- E Book 

- Consent Forms

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