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3843B E. Tremont

3843B E. Tremont

Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm Sat - Sun 10am - 5pm

Transform your smile now

Every step of the way, our friendly team is present to assist you in reaching your smile goals. From tracking your starting shade to providing the tools needed to reach your desired end results. Our process is painless, provides immediate results, and self administered.

See a difference of up to 7 shades in one visit with us!

Years of stains gone in minutes

A client's results are based on a variety of factors. Examples range from the types of stains, what habits caused them, the porosity of their teeth, genetics and dental hygiene.

Looking for the ultimate smile makeover?

Whiten a full hour! Request 3 sessions in one day!

Training & wholesale 💰

Ready to join our industry with a teeth whitening venture of your own? With extensive experience and research we have created the perfect training and products to pave your way to success! We offer a wide range of options suitable for all levels of teeth whitening entrepreneurship. Whether you aspire to start your own or currently operate yet desire more profits and advancement, we can guide you in the right direction.

Learn to earn with The Whitening Pro$ today.


📢  Select your ideal laser teeth whitening experience with us here!

⭐ JOIN OUR VIP MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP and visit our 5 star spa monthly for as low as $25!

⭐ Purchase multiple same day single sessions for as low as $49 each!

⭐ Choose a mobile visit in the comfort of your home or office if you are unable to travel to us!


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