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These girls are amazing, professional and brought the sparkle back into my world! Thank you Allie and team!

Bridget Thompson

Middletown, Ny


I would like to say thank you so much to Allie and Tatiana for helping me get into the program and becoming a whitening pro! You two are awesome and definitely recommending others to you!

Charvonne Walker

Colorado Springs, Co


I trained with Allie and she was exceptional! Great energy, very knowledgeable and detailed. Sasha and the rest of the staff were sweet and super welcoming.

Alliah Young

Bronx, Ny


I took the online class, and when I tell you it was wellllllll worth the time and money!!!!! I’ve always been skeptical in regards to online training, however my experience with these “ Gals “ was amazing!!!! Unlike many other trainings, when you leave this one, you are truly ready and prepared to get yo money!! And the training doesn’t stop once the class is over, they will answer any question, at anytime!




Though I have 18 years of Dental Assisting experience, The Whitening Gals provided information from a more client focused perspective; as opposed to a patient focused perspective.

Niani Wilkerson

Tampa, Fl


Their training is so worth it, Alex is amazing at what she does, very inspiring.

Genesis Zeledon

Astoria, Ny


Thank you So much Alexandra your the definition of a Leader and Inspiration Keep going babe the sky aint the limit.

Ana Mingucha

Goshen, IN


Took their online teeth whitening course & it was soo informative & lively!! I also purchased many items from them & not only is the shipping super fast the items are professional & in mint condition (No Amazon mystery box). Every time I call to track my items or ask any ?s the girls have always been so great & helpful. I am so happy I trusted them & can’t wait to continue to use them!

Jennifer Montgomery

West Babylon, Ny

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The girls at this place is absolutely amazing ! My teeth looks perfect ! I recommend everybody too come here too get their teeth whitening ! 5 STARS 😊

Bethany Antoine

Mel did an amazing job, She made sure I was comfortable and understood the whole process. The establishment was also very clean. I will be back soon, Thank you ladies.

Luis Fernandez

Beautiful neat place. Great environment and very professional staff. Highly recommend.

Sandy Verduga

The girls are all so nice and patient. Had a great experience, would recommend 100%

Karina Lara

First time here today and i loved my experience. First thing you’ll notice its how clean everything is. Front desk was so nice. She guided me through each step, very easy. I 100% do recommend! Come!!!

Marlinis Santos

Absolutely love the vibe in the first 5 minutes that "stranger " feels like a lifetime friend 🤍😘

Britney Gonzales

Loved my experience here!🤩 It was my first time ever whitening my teeth and the process was simple, easy & painless. Also the place is very clean stylish and small. The two girls Tatiana & Christina were super nice and knowledgeable in answering all my questions. I saw a difference with only my first session but I definitely will be coming back for more😌

Kyla Janey

They did an amazing job, the staff is super friendly and made sure I was comfortable the whole time I was there. Thank you Mel for such a pleasurable experience, btw your music selection was also amazing.

Elizabeth V

What a great environment, these girls are great at what they do...

Crystal Cosme

Teeth Whitening

The Whitening Gals understand that having yellow teeth can affect your ability to smile confidently, and we're here to help you change that for the better. Teeth naturally range from light greyish-yellow shades to darker due to age, oral health, and lifestyle. Your teeth can also darken because of surface stains from consuming certain foods or drinks and tobacco products.

Our whitening systems were designed to empower you. Whether you're ready for a smile makeover or interested in boosting your career by investing in the training and products you need to help others reclaim their smiles, our industry-leading tooth-stain removers are your ticket to success.

Would you like to learn more about what makes our formulas work better than the rest? We'd love the opportunity to share more information with you. Call (718) 925-5421 to schedule a non-committal consultation with one of our highly accredited technicians.

Safe Teeth Whitening Products

There are two ways to lighten up a tooth. The first way is to remove and control the formation of extrinsic stains. The second is by changing the intrinsic color.
This can be done through either chemical degradation of the chromogens within or on the tooth, known as teeth bleaching.

Some of the benefits of using our products and services to whiten teeth include:

• Our process is pain-free 

• Yellow teeth stains are no match for our expertise 

• The process is quick, with each session taking an hour or less 

• Years of stain build-up vanishes quickly 

• You gain a gorgeous white smile you can wear with

Our safe teeth whitening products are the perfect solution when you want an illustrious smile that can light up the room. A risk-free consultation would allow us to learn more about the challenges you are facing and answer any questions about our teeth-whitening products and services. Don't hesitate to get in touch to reserve your appointment today. 

What Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

A glowing smile is a gateway to a great first impression. With our teeth whitening services, you can brighten and whiten your smile for any occasion. Whether preparing for an interview or getting ready for your date, get that beautiful grin you deserve!

Since no two smiles are the same, and everyone faces unique challenges when it comes
to keeping teeth free of stains, the number of sessions it will take to achieve your goals will vary from person to person. With that said, our risk-free initial consultations are designed to allow you to meet with us in person to discuss your objectives and have all your questions answered. 

Show us your smile, and we'll advise you on what it will take to get you where you want to be. Many of our clients are surprised to learn it will take fewer sessions than anticipated. Call our team to book your consultation today. 

Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business

For decades, cosmetic teeth whitening has been a popular product, but in recent years, there has been a surge in the evelopment of new and improved dental bleaching products. This means that this procedure has become increasingly affordable for more people.

With the right teeth whitening gels, LED laser light, and proper training, you can experience phenomenal success within your own business. Professional operators notice that using quality gels that have been vetted in combination with pre-whitening agent dental stain removers is key to achieving outstanding results.

Connect with us to explore a career that will make a significant difference in the lives and happiness of others. Get started by booking an obligation-free consultation today. 

ATTN: Self Care Gurus.

Our at home teeth whitening products are the most reputable amongst tons of worldwide options. Quality control, and customer satisfaction is our thing. Your smile goals are reachable if we have anything to do about it. Best part about it? We have products for every budget. Look no further.

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