3 Ways a Smartphone Can Help With Teeth Whitening Procedures

3 Ways a Smartphone Can Help With Teeth Whitening Procedures

People use smartphones for just about everything these days, including dentistry. Thanks to connections to digital health portals, phones may feature your dental X-rays and patient information, but that's not all. If you own a smartphone, you may use the device to assist in teeth whitening procedures.

A smartphone will come in handy multiple ways and lead to a whiter and brighter smile. Learn how to effectively use your smartphone and get the most out of a teeth-whitening experience.

1. Home-Based Whitening Kit

If you prefer to do your teeth whitening at home, then you can purchase a kit and complete the task on your own. A key element of the kit is the special blue LED light built into the mouth guard. The light helps bleach stains and return the look of the teeth to a more natural form.

Use your smartphone to provide power to the mouth guard piece and provide the light for the complete whitening session. You can choose between multiple adapters, which work with either Android and Apple phones. You typically don't have to set up anything on your phone. Simply plug in the kit and use it as normal.

Having your phone with you during the process will allow you to easily pass the time. Even though the phone is plugged in, you can still operate the device normally and use apps as needed. You could even stream a short episode of a TV show to pass the time easier.

2. Before & After Photos

The high quality of a smartphone allows you to use the device's camera for crisp and clear photos. Use this technology to take before and after photos, and compare the difference in your teeth color. When taking before and after photos, they should be at the same location so lighting is not impacted.

If you visit a location to go through the whitening process, then choose an ideal spot to take a picture before the procedure and go back to the same spot once the procedure has finished. Quickly swipe back and forth to see the comparison.

You could also download a before and after photo comparison tool app. With an app, you upload two photos and use a slider to compare the before and after images. Seeing the differences may be a challenge if you didn't have a phone to compare everything.

3. Whitening Training Tutorials & Certification

If you enjoy the tooth-whitening process, then learn how to perform the process with others through training and tutorial courses. Due to the pandemic, many courses have transitioned online and give you the option to take lessons right through a smartphone.

While using your phone, watch instructional videos, hop on video meetings, and ask questions about the process. Learn as you go and use the training to help whiten teeth for years into the future. Some of the advanced training courses offer certification so you can showcase your accomplishments once the training is complete.

A smartphone also makes it easy to do your training in a space like a bathroom. Set up a phone on a bathroom counter, lay out your equipment, and use a mirror to watch yourself while you learn. Record yourself with a smartphone and watch the process over to see what mistakes you made and ways to improve in the future.

Eventually, you will use your smartphone and a card reader to start accepting payments from clients once you start to offer whitening services.

For all of your teeth-whitening needs or certification, contact us at the Whitening Gals. We can help you with a traditional whitening session or set you up to become a professional tooth whitener.

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