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Pro Teeth Whitening Pens

Pro Teeth Whitening Pens

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Experience The Ultimate in Teeth Whitening with Our 16% Hydrogen Peroxide Pens!

Elevate your smile care arsenal with our bulk offering of 10 pens, each priced at a remarkable $14.99 per unit. These pens are the number one choice for in-office and mobile sessions, delivering nothing less than brilliance.

Empower Your Client Sessions: Revolutionize your client sessions with these powerhouse pens. Designed for single use and filled with 16% hydrogen peroxide, each pen offers 3-4 applications – making sure smiles are transformed with every stroke.

🌟 Key Features:

  • 16% Hydrogen Peroxide: The driving force behind a radiant transformation.
  • Effortless Application: An on-the-go solution for in-spa whitening.

Elevate, Simplify, Succeed: Transform smiles with ease. These pens are a game-changer for your trainees, ensuring their clients leave their sessions with a brighter, more confident smile.

Timing is Key: Allow 2-3 Days for Fulfillment Before Shipping. If you have specific timing needs, our shipping department is here to assist with estimated arrival dates.

For Expedited Support, Contact Our Shipping Department at (718) 925-5421.

Subscription Option for Seamless Brilliance: Opt for the subscription option for uninterrupted brilliance. Commit to a 3-month term and enjoy hassle-free monthly shipments.

Empower your trainees to deliver the best with our 16% Hydrogen Peroxide Pens. In every bulk pack of 10, each pen priced at $14.99, you're unlocking smiles that radiate confidence and joy. Watch as your clients' smiles transform, leaving them delighted and wanting more!

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