Whitening Gals Membership: Your VIP Access to Endless Smiles

Get ready to slay every smile with the Whitening Gals Membership. Our monthly subscription plan is your ultimate backstage pass to rockstar teeth, boosted confidence, and an exhilarating teeth whitening experience – all while keeping that wallet happy.

Membership Vibes

Option 1: $30/month

30-Minute Boost

  • Maintain your smile game with a monthly 30-minute session.
  • Perfect for those who want to keep their smiles fresh and fierce.
  • Regular Price: $75

Option 2: $60/month

60-Minute Power-Up

  • Dive into the glamour with a monthly one-hour session.
  • Ideal for those craving the ultimate smile transformation and a dash of luxury.
  • Regular Price: $125

Why This Membership Rocks

  • Eternal Swagger: Keep rocking that killer smile month after month, ready for anything.
  • Energizing Experience: Immerse yourself in a vibe-packed session at The Whitening Gals – where your smile gets an instant confidence boost.
  • Safe & Stellar: Our non-dental strength approach ensures superstar smiles without compromising enamel health.

How It Rolls

  1. Claim Your Style: Choose the 30-minute or 60-minute session that matches your swagger.
  2. Monthly Spotlight: Book your monthly spotlight for a teeth-whitening party that's all about you.
  3. Enter & Own: Strut into The Whitening Gals for your session, and our rockstar team will make sure your smile steals the show.

Secure your spot in the Whitening Gals Membership and unleash a smile that's the life of the party. Enjoy exclusive perks, a vibe that's off the charts, and the unstoppable confidence of a true trendsetter.

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