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We're excited to establish a connection with you at The Whitening Gals! Our aim is to make connecting as delightful as our services. Let's explore the dynamic ways you can link up with us and stay engaged!

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Looking for daily beauty inspiration, empowerment, and a sprinkle of joy? Be part of our lively community on social media:

📸 Instagram: @thewhiteninggals
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🎥 TikTok: @TheWhiteningGals

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Got queries, thoughts, or simply want to send a friendly hello? We're here and eager to chat. Reach out through these avenues:

📞 Phone: Call us at 718-925-5421 during our business hours.
📧 Email: Drop us a line at for a swift response.

Visit Our Radiant Space

If you're in the Bronx, NYC, or planning a visit, we'd love to meet you in person:

📍 Location: 3843B E. Tremont Ave Bronx, Ny 10465
🚗 Parking: Convenient parking available nearby.

Connect with Allie and Sasha

Curious to know more about us beyond The Whitening Gals? Follow our individual journeys on Instagram:

🌟 Allie's Page: @selfmadesigz
💙 Sasha's Page: @sasha.mia.bleu

Let's keep the connection alive and uplift each other!

Let's Get Connected!

Whether you're dialing our number, typing an email, or engaging with us on social media, we're thrilled to establish a connection. Together, we embark on a journey of empowerment, beauty, and illuminating smiles!

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