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Comfortable Teeth Whitening Appointments

When you step into our office for your teeth whitening treatment, you’ll be pleased to know that we prioritize your comfort while working with us. Because laser teeth whitening services involve the use of bright lights, we’ll ensure your eyes are fully protected.

We’ll need to use a cheek retractor to have the right access to your teeth, so we’ll ensure your lips are properly moisturized and that you’re comfortable leaning back in the chair. From there, we’ll use a combination of lasers and hydrogen peroxide to complete your teeth whitening service.

Your comfort is our priority!

Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is all the rage right now. If you do your research, you’ll see all kinds of prices for this service. Some companies are even charging people multiple thousands for their teeth whitening services—we, on the other hand, believe in a more competitive and affordable price range for our clients.

We are very flexible in terms of how you’d like to pay for your service, and we can even set up a payment plan with you if that is your preference.

Informative Teeth Whitening Experts

Before we sit you down in our recliner, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the process and answer any questions you have. What our clients like about our services is how informative we are. We will not hesitate to go into the details of the service with you.

You’ll be happy with the way we explain things to you. We’ll ensure you’re completely informed before we apply any laser treatment to your teeth.

Do you have questions about our teeth whitening treatments? Please get in touch with us today and ask away!

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Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth:

There are many benefits to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, the benefits are largely visual, but as you probably understand yourself, when you look better, you feel better too.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to whiten your teeth with us.

Remove Teeth Discoloration and Stains

The most consistently sought-after benefit of whitening one’s teeth is that it instantly removes stains and discoloration. Depending on your level of discoloration, you may need a few sessions with us, but you can expect around five shades whiter with every session.

Having yellow teeth can divebomb your self-confidence so much that it can even stop you from smiling as much as you want. If you struggle with teeth discoloration, please get in touch with our team today.

Improve Your Confidence

When you have whiter teeth, you’ll also have more confidence. This can benefit you if you work in a profession where your face is visible, or you speak a lot in meetings, conferences, etc. Having white teeth is sought after by most people because it implies cleanliness, diligence, and care for oneself. When your teeth can exude that you take care of them, it implies that you can take care of other things too.

Knowing you have a radiant smile will do wonders for your confidence, which is a feeling you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. Contact us today to improve your confidence with a smile.

Reduce Mouth Bacteria

One of the things that laser teeth whitening does besides whitening your teeth is to destroy discoloration-causing bacteria. There are millions of bacteria present in your teeth. Many of these are perfectly healthy, whereas others can lead to tooth decay, discoloration, etc. Everyone has a different oral makeup; some people have more discoloration-causing bacteria than others.

Our whitening lasers will destroy that bacteria and ensure the whiteness the laser/hydrogen peroxide combinations provided last a long time. When you make the decision to whiten your teeth, you’re also taking a proactive approach to long-term oral health. That’s something that teeth whitening strips will not get you.

Look More Youthful with Whitened Teeth

We almost automatically associate white teeth with youth and darker or stained teeth with age. That’s because, naturally, if left unattended, your teeth will encounter more staining and yellowing as you age. And when we’re young, our teeth are pearlier.

Having professional tooth whitening done by our team is a great way to help you achieve the youthfulness you’re looking for. Of course, there are many cosmetic ways people try to retain their youthfulness these days, and tooth whitening is one of the safest and least invasive.

Manhattan’s best teeth whitening treatment is available to you when you call us!

Teeth Whitening is Easy!

Perhaps the best benefit of this service is that it is so easy. It’s also relatively painless. As mentioned earlier, everyone has a different makeup. Some people find the service completely painless, while others report “zingers,” which feel like biting into cold ice cream.

“Zingers” are the exception, not the rule. Most teeth whitening treatments go very smoothly and are generally completely finished in 45-minutes.

All that is required of you is to keep the sunglasses over your eyes and lean back in our comfortable chair until the job is done. Do you have any questions? Get in touch today.

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