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Online Teeth Whitening Certification Course

If you are interested in joining the Whitening Pro$, please check out 'The Whitening Gals’ online teeth whitening training course option. With our efficient, personable and thorough approach to teeth whitening training we will have you working as quickly as possible. The start of your new teeth whitening business awaits you, we are here to help!

Our online teeth whitening training course includes all of the supplies and instructions you need to complete your training and earn your certificate. Professional teeth whitening led lamps as well as additional wholesale teeth whitening supplies are sold separately and available at the best price with guaranteed quality on our wholesale supplies section of this website.

Our Premium Course

    Our Whitening Pro$ course is a top-tier online teeth whitening certification for those seeking to become teeth whitening technicians and run their own business start up. We have three class options. Our Premium Package includes:

    • 180 Minute Specialty Training Course
    • 15 Chairside Kits For Your First 15 clients
    • 5 Pre Stain Treatment
    • 5 Teeth Whitening Foams 
    • 5 Charcoal Toothpaste Gels
    • 5 Remineralization Syringes/Pens
    • 5 Standard Take Home Kits 
    • Professional Tooth Shade Guide With Mirror Travel Case
    • Client Waiver Template
    • Pro$ Clipboard For Client Waivers
    • Express Training Manual 
    • Pro Supply Carry Bag
    • Teeth Whitening Training Whitening Pro$ - Certificate
    • Five Days A Week Access to Mentorship Via Official Hotline

    Every chairside kit includes (1) 16% hydrogen peroxide pen sufficient for a full 60-90 minute session per client along with multiple vitamin E swabs, tooth wipes, and (1) retractor also needed for each client visit whether in a salon/spa or in a mobile/travel visit.

    After completion of our PRO$ course, you will receive all of the above professional teeth whitening supplies along with an official certificate of course completion that you can use to show prospective clients that you have been thoroughly taught the guidelines for salon and spa professionals operating a teeth whitening business, by our renowned company The Whitening Gals.

    Lamps sold seperately. 

    To learn more about becoming a certified Whitening Pro, contact us.