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"10/10. From products, to service, to mentorship. These ladies have changed my LIFE! If you are looking for teeth whitening training. This it. Anyone can teach you about teeth.They teach you about the business." Vanessa Talavera, California

"I trained with Allie and she was exceptional! Great energy, very knowledgeable and detailed. Sasha and the rest of the staff were sweet and super welcoming. I highly recommend them if you’re interested in getting into the teeth whitening business they’re the best!" Alliah Young, NYC

"Just experienced the whitening gals training class and it was very informative.. and the vibe was on point. To anyone looking to start a teeth whitening business or add to a business I definitely recommend you go through them. Allie was amazing!!" Talisha Hamilton, Georgia

"I bought a used system from someone who retired from the biz. He told me get a hold of Allie at whitening gals. “They will take care of you and I won’t get expired products.” Allie called me immediately. Got set up for a class. Amazing, best class ever, and I am a licensed Cosmetologist, 40 years with lots of training under me. Perfect in every way. Couldn't ask for more." Cora Pfaff, Wyoming

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"The BEST teachers, mentors, hype girls, etc! My experience with The Whitening Gals has been great. I've learned so much and have been so successful! So grateful I found them. Highly HIGHLY reccomend!" Holly Shumway, Arizona

"The training was informative. Though I have 18 years of Dental Assisting experience, The Whitening Gals provided information from a more client focused perspective; as opposed to a patient focused perspective. Following policy and procedure can be tricky when transitioning from clinical. The Academy provided the information required to make a smooth transition. They also gave pointers to have a successful business, how to setup social media to attract our targeted audience and provided us with resources." Niani Booker, Florida

"Not only will they get you everything you need to be successful, they will teach you how to manage your social media to get you the most clients possible! And those 2 things in it of itself are important, but not the most important part of it all. The most important part is that they teach you how to run your business LEGALLY. Strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to start a whitening business." Juan Diego, California

"I took the whitening Gals premium training course and let me tell you if you’re thinking of doing it… DONT THINK ANY MORE JUST DO IT!!!!! I was so nerviosa so hesitant so scared of something new I’m a licensed cosmetologist, lash extensions artist, salon owner AND NOW part of the whitening pros!!!!!! It was so out of my comfort zone! But I don’t regret one thing!!!!! IM SO HAPPY I took it!!!! I learned so muuuuchhhhh Aly the founder is soo so so sooo knowledgeable! Wendy Diaz, Upstate NY