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Pro Pre Stain Treatment

Pro Pre Stain Treatment

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Boost Your Clients' Whitening Experience with our Pre-Stain Treatment Bulk!

Bulk of 10: Each package contains 10 units, perfect for your clients to offer as a valuable aftercare solution.

Enhanced Protection: Advise your clients to use before any whitening treatment for improved sensitivity prevention and superior results.

20 Applications Each: Each unit provides up to 20 treatments, ensuring your clients can enjoy prolonged effectiveness.

Revitalizing Formula: Enriched with remineralizing agents, it not only prevents sensitivity but also boosts brightness.

Hydration Boost: Keep your clients' teeth hydrated for a comfortable and effective whitening process.

Empower your mentees to enhance their clients' satisfaction by offering our Pre-Stain Treatment Bulk. With 10 units in each bulk, it's an excellent opportunity for them to upsell and provide exceptional aftercare for their clients' radiant smiles!

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