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Nanchang Smile Technology

Classic Pro

Classic Pro

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Introducing the ClassicPro Lamp – a symbol of timeless excellence for your teeth whitening business. Meticulously designed, this lamp exudes sophistication, elevating every treatment to an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Featuring a single, potent light mode:

  • Blue Mode: Rapidly accelerates gel application, ensuring efficient treatments that yield exceptional results for your clients.

As the premier supplier and mentor in the teeth whitening industry, Whitening Pros proudly unveils the ClassicPro Lamp, enabling you to provide unmatched service and set a new standard in teeth whitening. Embrace the embodiment of classic teeth whitening expertise and make an enduring impact with the ClassicPro Lamp, giving your clients the confidence to showcase their radiant smiles.

Wavelength 430-520nm
Power 20 watt
Light Intensity up to 2500 mw/cm2
LED Light- 4pc 5 watt cool blue color
Input AC100-240, 50/60HZ

We kindly ask for your patience as lamp deliveries are typically fulfilled within 7 to 10 business days from the date of purchase. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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