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Sample - Best Selling Chair Side Kit

Sample - Best Selling Chair Side Kit

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Sample Chairside Kit: Your Gateway to Professional Teeth Whitening

Explore the world of professional teeth whitening with our Sample Chairside Kit, specially designed for fellow whitening entrepreneurs and business owners. This curated kit is your chance to experience the excellence of our products firsthand.

Kit Contents:

  • 16% Hydrogen Peroxide Pen: Unveil the power of professional whitening with 3-4 effective applications.
  • Vitamin E Swabs: Nourish and soothe your teeth and gums for a comfortable whitening experience.
  • Tooth Wipes: Prepare your teeth for the whitening process with our convenient wipes.
  • Retractor: Ensure easy access and visibility during whitening treatments.
  • Instructions: Step-by-step guidance to make your whitening journey seamless.

Please note that this product is most effective when used in combination with our professional whitening lamp. Elevate your teeth whitening journey and see why professionals trust our products for exceptional results!

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