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Custom Branded Breath Spray

Custom Branded Breath Spray

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Introducing Your Branded Breath Spray: Elevate Your Business!

Elevate Your Business with Our Branded Breath Spray!

Hello, PRO$! Our Breath Spray is the perfect addition to your product lineup, whether you sell it separately or include it in your at-home maintenance bundles. Packed with tooth whitening remineralizer, it rehydrates and revitalizes the tooth surface post-whitening.

Boost Result Longevity: Incorporate our Breath Spray in your clients' post-whitening routine to enhance result longevity, especially after consuming colored foods or beverages.

Your Business, Your Brand: What's even better? This Breath Spray carries your brand, giving you a powerful tool for business growth.

Need more info? Email us at

Once you've placed your order, we'll reach out to customize your business name's font and color for printing.

Please note: Branded orders have a 6-7 week lead time, taking into account shipping delays during the holiday season. Build your brand with our formula – the leading choice in smile care!

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