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Pro At Home Kit Refill Gel

Pro At Home Kit Refill Gel

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Elevate Your Clients' Smile Care with Our Bulk Refill Syringes - Your Essential Aftercare Solution!

Crafted exclusively for your clients' post-treatment needs, these refill syringes are a game-changer. A treasure trove of 10 units awaits, each priced attractively at just $13.00 per unit.

Recommended for a Lasting Sparkle: Indulge your clients with the pinnacle of smile care. These refills are the perfect companions to their take-home kits, ensuring that the radiance of their smiles lasts longer than ever before.

🌟 Key Ingredients:

  • 35% Carbamide Peroxide: The magic behind that stunning shine.

Empower Your Trainees: Designed for your trainees to offer as part of their aftercare kits. This is the ultimate touch to ensure their clients' smiles remain as dazzling as the day of treatment.

The Ultimate Refill Experience: Transform your clients' aftercare routine into an elevated experience. Each syringe carries 10 applications, ready to make every smile a masterpiece.

Ready to Elevate? Secure Your Wholesale Order Today and Ignite Smiles that Truly Shine!

Retail Value: $20 - $25 per Syringe

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